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Custom waterproof cover

Usage Custom waterproof cover is also called rain cover, color steel rain cover, conveyor rain cover, conveyor dust cover, belt conveyor rain cover, etc. The rain cover has a wide range of uses and can be applied to power plants, cement plants, steel plants, chemical plants, coal plants, ports, docks, mining enterprises, etc.The customer waterproof […]

Product Description
Custom waterproof cover


Custom waterproof cover is also called rain cover, color steel rain cover, conveyor rain cover, conveyor dust cover, belt conveyor rain cover, etc. The rain cover has a wide range of uses and can be applied to power plants, cement plants, steel plants, chemical plants, coal plants, ports, docks, mining enterprises, etc.The customer waterproof cover has a great effect on the goods and the environment. When the goods are transported, it can reduce the loss and waste of the goods, make the conveyor belt safer and more reliable during the transportation process, and also extend the service life of the transporter.

Custom waterproof cover


The customer waterproof cover has a fixed type, an open type and an observation window type, which can clearly see whether the goods are in the conveying process and the conveyor belt is running normally, and there is a deviation cover to prevent rain for the conveyor with a deviation switch , Dustproof and other functions.The main colors of the customer waterproof cover are sea blue, white gray, red and other colors.

The indoor protective cover must be able to protect the camera and lens from dust, impurities and corrosive gas pollution, and at the same time, it must be able to cooperate with the installation site to achieve the purpose of preventing damage. Indoor shields are generally made of painted or anodized aluminum, painted steel, brass or plastic. If plastic is used, it should be fire-resistant or flame-retardant. The protective cover must have sufficient strength, the installation interface must be firm, and the window should be clear and transparent safety glass, PMMA board or polycarbonate board, PC board is also called polycarbonate board. The design position of the electrical connection port should be convenient for installation and maintenance.
The operating temperature of the camera is -5°C to 45°C, and the most suitable temperature is 0°C to 30°C, otherwise it will affect the image quality and even damage the camera. The main functions of the outdoor protective cover are sun protection, rain protection, dust protection, frost protection, and condensation protection. Therefore, the outdoor protective cover is generally equipped with a temperature relay, which automatically turns on the fan to cool when the temperature is high, and automatically heats when the temperature is low. The outdoor protective cover will be equipped with sunshade, internal/external fan, heater/defroster, wiper, washer and other auxiliary equipment depending on the place of use.
First of all, the outdoor protective cover must be highly sealed to prevent rainwater from entering. At the same time, the cable inlet should be opened under the protective cover to prevent rainwater from flowing into the protective cover along the cable. A windshield wiper should also be installed in front of the protective cover to clean up the accumulated rainwater and dirt in time so that the camera can take clear images through the glass. The defroster in front of the hood or on the glass will melt when frost or snow accumulates on the window.
Secondly, a heater should be installed in the protective cover to heat in a low temperature environment to increase the internal temperature of the protective cover to ensure the normal operation of the camera/lens; the internal or external fan can circulate the air in the cover and reduce the temperature in the protective cover ; In places with more wind, sand and less rain, you should also consider configuring a washer so that it can be used with the wiper to clean the window glass at any time to ensure the image monitoring effect.
The auxiliary equipment control function of the outdoor protective cover has two kinds of automatic control and manual control, such as heater/defroster, fan are automatically started or closed by the temperature sensor inside the protective cover, and such as wiper, washer, etc. The action is realized by the control personnel through the operation of the control equipment.
Outdoor shields are generally made of aluminum, coated steel, stainless steel, or plastic that can be used in outdoor environments. The manufacturing material must be able to withstand ultraviolet radiation, otherwise the aging phenomena such as cracks, fading, and strength reduction will soon appear. Stainless steel shields should be used in environments where the shields are durable, have high safety, and can resist man-made damage; appropriately treated aluminum shields are also a kind of excellent shields, and there are three treatment methods: polyurethane paint, anodizing , Anodizing and painting. Aluminum or steel mutual aid should not be selected in an environment with corrosive gas; a shield made of stainless steel or special plastic should be used in a salt spray environment.
In addition, in order to increase the safety performance of the protective cover and prevent man-made damage, many protective covers are also equipped with a tamper switch, once the protective cover is opened, an alarm signal will be issued.
There are many types of protective covers in the monitoring system. Generally, they can be divided into rectangular protective covers, wall or ceiling protective covers, spherical protective covers, corner-mounted protective covers, slope protective covers, etc. according to their shapes.

Custom waterproof cover


  1. Among the four types of rain cover for conveyors, the fixed cover and the open-close cover are made of galvanized corrugated steel plate or color coated steel plate. Generally, there are 9 fixed covers and 1 open cover for every 10 cover positions. The closed cover can also be arranged alternately. When installing, press the open-close cover on the two adjacent fixed covers on the left and right, the overlapping length of which is one wave pitch or two wave pitches. Note that the hinged side of the open-close cover is placed on the non-passing side of the conveyor, and the side with the lock is placed on the passing side of the conveyor.
  2. The frame of the fixed conveyor cover is a connecting angle steel or Z-shaped steel, and its length is equal to the installation length of the conveyor cover. The connecting angle steel or Z-shaped steel is welded to the channel steel or small angle steel on both sides of the conveying frame. If you need to install the supporting angle, first weld the supporting angle to both sides of the frame, and then weld the connecting angle or Z-shaped steel to the supporting angle.
  3. Install the rain cover from one end of the frame to the other end in the shape of “品”. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the rain cover during installation, and do not hit or knock it hard.
  4. Fix the rain cover on the connecting angle steel or Z-shaped steel with self-tapping nails, each with no more than 4 fixing points.
  5. One observation rain cover can also be installed every 10 pieces, which is convenient for maintenance and inspection.
  6. The turning point cover is only used at the turning point of the convex arc section of the conveyor, while the deflection switch cover is specially designed to cover the deflection switch. Both are covered on a fixed cover.
Custom waterproof cover
Custom waterproof cover


Custom waterproof cover
Custom waterproof cover
Custom waterproof cover


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