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Banner ads design

Introduction Banner ads design is the earliest form of online advertising and is currently the most common form. Banner ads, also known as banner ads, are rectangular bulletin boards that span web pages. When users click on these banners, they can usually link to the advertiser’s web page. A banner advertisement, a picture that shows […]

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Banner ads design is the earliest form of online advertising and is currently the most common form. Banner ads, also known as banner ads, are rectangular bulletin boards that span web pages. When users click on these banners, they can usually link to the advertiser’s web page.

A banner advertisement, a picture that shows the content of a business advertisement, is placed on the advertiser’s page. It is the most basic form of advertisement in Internet advertising. The size is 48060 pixels, or 23330 pixels, and is generally an image file in GIF format , You can use static graphics or SWF animated images. In addition to the ordinary GIF format, the emerging Rich Media Banner (Rich Media Banner) can give banners stronger expressiveness and interactive content, but generally requires browser plug-in support (Plug-in) used by the user. Banner is generally translated into banner ads, banner ads, banner ads, etc.


Banner ads designs are usually 7 inches long and 1 inch wide, or about 468×60 pixels. Its size can vary within a certain range. According to the specifications of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 468×60 pixels are called Full Banner, 234×60 pixels are called Half Banner, and 120×240 pixels are called Vertical Vertical Banner.
In terms of expression, banner ads can be divided into three types: static banners, animated banners, and interactive banners.


  1. Use the banner advertisement exchange website to arrange the sharing of banner advertisements so that other websites can display advertisements of one company, and the websites of these companies also display advertisements of other companies.
  2. Companies pay to place banner ads on websites visited by target groups in the market segment, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  3. Use a banner advertising network, which is a brokerage company between the advertiser and the website where the advertisement is posted.


The first successful use of the Internet for advertising was the “Hotline” website, which was founded in 1994 and is the online version of the print magazine “Wired”. Its managers with print media experience considered how to use this new media platform for advertising activities at the beginning of the establishment of the hotline website. Because of the warnings of Kent-Somerset’s spam advertisements that caused public outrage, the hotline network is very cautious in introducing advertisements into the website, and they creatively adopt the form of “banner advertisements”. This is a 168×60 pixel banner image file. The advertisement is located at the top of the web page and only occupies a small part of the displayed page. What makes the hotline website feel relieved is that their advertisements did not arouse dissatisfaction. The viewers accepted this form of advertising just as they accepted the advertisements in newspapers and magazines.


The first is the size, the general general specification is as large as 46860 pixels, and as small as 10030 pixels; the second is the size. For advertisers, the smaller the advertisement, the better, and generally cannot exceed 15k.
Title design
Advertisements occupies a small proportion of the page, so they must be designed to be eye-catching and attractive.
Click volume
This is the most fundamental difference between online advertising and traditional advertising. It not only transmits information unilaterally, but also needs to evoke the action of “click” by netizens. In particular, netizens will also pay the time and financial price for this action-why should I Clicking on your ad should give netizens a good reason, and make a fuss about the most in line with the psychology of netizens in the entire marketing strategy.

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Banner ads design
Banner ads design
Banner ads design
Banner ads design
Banner ads design
Banner ads design
Banner ads design
Banner ads design


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